Books! My Literature, My Life.

I have always been a reader – a voracious reader at that. However, due to my job, I found myself reading more scripts than books lately. It is still reading, but a different kind of reading. I miss having books. Not E-books -the real thing – a book with pages, and a spine, that wonderful book smell and the tiny text. Growing up, I dreamed of having my own library (at this point my future home will need to have a library, a game-room, and a gun safe) and since I’ve slowed with my book purchase, I feel like I’m behind on that dream.

Going back, I can remember my very first book – The Berenstain Bears Christmas. My mom read it to me one night – and believe it or not, I learned to read it the next day by myself. I don’t remember how, it seems crazy to think that I taught myself to read. My mom started me with the fundamentals of writing my name and recognizing letters, and of course there was Sesame Street. I put all those together, and it just clicked, it was meant to be and my world opened up through the pages of a book. Continue reading